The East Shoa Zone is one of the 18 zones of the Oromia Regional State. It is located to the Eastern of Finfinne city in the Rift valley, with a beautiful and loveable setting. It is bordered with the Oromia special zone surrounding Finfinne in the North, with the Afar Regional state in the East, with the Arsi zone in the south, and with the west Arsi zone in the south west. The zone has the length of 10, 386.58 KM2. Most of its topography is plain, some hilly, mountainous, rivers, and lakes. Its climate is favorable, arid, semi-arid and lowland.

The zone is structured in to 10 districts, 3 towns administered by mayors, 17 medium towns and 329 rural villages. It also consisted of four major Oromo clans- Tuulama, Karrayou, Ituu and Arsi. There are also nationalities of different kinds living in the zone in harmony respecting culture, language and assets of each other

Generally, the abundant cultural and natural tourist attracting resources labels the East Shoa zone one of the leading tourist attraction areas in the Oromia region. It is with such background that the zonal Culture and tourism office has produced this documentary film on the cultural and tourist attracting resources of the zone.

The purpose of the film is to promoting some of the cultural and tourist resources in the zone. Similarly, the documentary film is aimed at informing tourists, investors and citizens to visit, protect the developed ones and to develop the undeveloped and unprotected cultural and tourist resources. .

Goodina Shawaa Bahaatti1
qabeenya aadaafi Tuurizimii Godina Shawaa Bahaa..
Waajjira Aadaafi Tuurizimii Goodina Shawaa Bahaatiin Kan Qopha’e.
We hope that you will have time to visit at least some areas of these extraordinary tourist attracting sites.